No more excuses for lack of action?

2nd May 2012 | Category: Editorial

Whilst I am sure most people are over elections, I think it important to keep all politicians on notice that we expect better things and improvements in our local area. For years the excuse for lack of action, particularly in the Moggill electorate was that a Labor government would not invest in an area where the local MP was from a different party. If there was any truth to this, it is no longer the case. So lets hope Dr Bruce Flegg MP does something about the High School, Public transport, Colleges Crossing and other issues he himself raised when he was in opposition.

It has come to my attention that Ipswich Hopsital Emergency is frequently in “bypass” mode and ambulances are constantly diverted to Princess Alexandra or Mater Hospitals. Another side effect of this is apparently a lack of ambulances in the area and hence delays in getting to patients. We should all be concerned this is happening and I would ask our local MP’s to look into this.