Karana Downs Garden Club Report – June 2012

30th Jun 2012 | Category: Garden Club
Robyn Batton_Trophy

Dorothy Tyrrell ambassador for QCGC presenting Robyn Batton with the Dr. Jarvis Nye trophy

A chilly winter’s morning greeted members at our June 5th meeting.  The theme for the morning was “Think Pink” (in aid of the Wesley Hospital Kim Walters Choices Program), and “Bring a Friend”.  Our June meeting is usually our Friendship Day but after much consideration members decided on a change this year. Next year , however, we will be back to our usual Friendship Day.

Our Guest Speaker for the morning was Chelsea Van Rijn, an accomplished horticulturalist, a feature writer for various magazines and a very entertaining speaker.

Chelsea has been named as one of six young gardeners of the Year for 2012, a wonderful achievement for her.  She is located at the Trevallan Lifestyle Centre at Brassall. Some of the organic fertilisers she uses there  are Organic Link Multi Purpose Food,  Triple Boost Concentrated Fertiliser,  Liquid Silica and Potash Concentrate, Bio-Trace Element Mixture and Plant Care Liquid Concentrate.

Chelsea also brought with her a variety of lovely plants which she spoke about and which were also for sale at morning tea time.

The major item on the agenda was the presentation of the Dr. Jarvis Nye Trophy, to a club member.  I must say that I felt very honoured and humbled when I was announced as the 2012 recipient and I was presented with this very special perpetual trophy and certificate by Dorothy Tyrrell, the 2012 QCGC Ambassador.

We also managed to raise around $800 from the numerous raffles.  Lots of prizes were given out thanks to our members’ donations.  The winners of the best “Dressed in Pink” were Irene Robinson and Phill Goodridge.

The car pool to Laidley on June 12th was outstanding and members were in agreement that the combined efforts and dedication of Val and Wayne Lawson was instrumental to their spectacular garden and all its components.  At the next garden, “Joan and Alex’s”,  was another lovely display and at lunch time we were joined by some of Laidley Garden Club members.  The last garden a Bromeliad garden of Joan and John had everyone drooling.  The last stop for the day was a visit to a wholesale native nursery where some very sort after plants were found.  Phew!  What a great car pool!

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, July 3rd, Heather Knowles, SCAP, is the guest speaker and her topic is Grevillias, Cycads and threatened Native plants.  Members are eagerly awaiting the bus trip on Friday 6th July to the Nambour Garden Expo.

Until next time Happy Gardening!

For more information please contact Club President, Kath Stumer on 3201 2262 or Publicity Officer, Robyn Batton on 3201 0315 or got to our website www.karanadownsgc.com