Karana Downs Garden Club Report – July 2012

3rd Aug 2012 | Category: Garden Club

Photo of a beautiful Camellia and a perfect Gerbera from the one single bloom section of the July display table

Well known and respected horticulturalist, Heather Knowls, from Newerah Natives of Rosewood, was the Club’s guest speaker for July 3rd meeting.  Grevilleas, Cycads and threatened native plants are Heather’s speciality and her talk and slide show were  very enjoyable, informative and knowledgeable.  It is amazing just how many Grevilleas there are in Australia. Their structure can be as trees, shrubs, bushes or ground covers and their foliage and flowers can be totally different in shape, size and colours.  Heather informed the meeting that the foliage from some Grevilleas can cause a skin rash/irritation  but on the positive side, the flowers make a beautiful  floral display.  Also Western Australian Grevilleas have to be grafted to be able to be grown on the East Coast.

Cycads are either Australian or Exotic and their size will depend on their variety with  the tallest reaching 12 meters.   They produce either male or female cones and they will vary in shape, size and colour and are truly spectacular feats of nature.

The club’s July 6th bus trip to the Nambour Garden Expo was full of excited members    in anticipation of the day ahead. “Life is a Garden” was this year’s theme for the Expo.  There was so much to see and do with approximately 360 exhibitors including 55 nurseries, over 40,000 plants on display and for sale daily, and nine areas where speakers shared their knowledge.  There was a fully planted giant  kitchen garden which sold herbs, vegetable seeds and seedlings, native bee hives, organic soil conditioners  and the latest organic seed catalogues.  There was a “Plant Clinic” were garden experts endeavoured to solve garden problems, identify plants, plus much, much more.  The weather was good to us, no one got lost and no one was left behind and the bus returned home safely (although its weight was quite a bit more than when it left the Bowls Club in the morning). What a great day!  Many thanks to our hard working Tour Officers.

Our next meeting is on August 7th, guest speaker is Phil Ryan and his topic is “Confessions of an Organic Gardener”. The club’s outing for 14th August is a car pool to club member, Robyn Barron’s garden and 2 other gardens at Chuwar and Brassal.

Until next time Happy Gardening from Robyn!

For more information please contact Club President, Kath Stumer on 3201 3262 or Publicity Officer, Robyn Batton on 3201 0315 or go to our website www.karanadownsgc.com