Australia Post and AMP sign Digital MailBox MoU

15th Jun 2012 | Category: Featured Articles

AMP, one of Australia’s leading financial institutions, is working with Australia Post to create opportunities to more deeply engage with its customers and shareholders through the Australia Post Digital MailBox which will be available free to every Australian by the end of the year.

The memorandum of understanding with AMP follows a similar signing with major telecommunications provider Telstra in early June.

The Australia Post Digital MailBox will enable people to access their secure, individual MailBox anytime, anywhere to receive important communications such as statements and bills from service providers. Consumers can also set reminders and make payments using any internet enabled device.

Australia Post CEO and Managing Director Ahmed Fahour said:
“AMP is one of Australia’s most well-known and trusted financial service companies and like Australia Post has been supporting Australians for more than 160 years.

“The Australia Post Digital MailBox would enable AMP to discuss with its customers and shareholders their finances and products with the added security of knowing their information is safe; backed by Australia Post and protected in our Australian based cloud provided by Telstra.”

AMP CEO Craig Dunn said:
“Australia Post enjoys a high level of trust and confidence from the broader community and is one of Australia’s most respected brands. It’s a company that is clearly demonstrating its ability and desire to continue to evolve and seize the opportunities presented by new technology.

“We look forward to exploring how AMP and Australia Post can work together to provide our customers greater choice in how they engage with us and access their important financial records in an online secure environment.”

The Australia Post Digital MailBox will allow Australians to:

  • Connect with service providers they have a relationship with – such as banks, utilities and government entities.
  • Receive statements and bills, set reminders and make payments online, using any PC or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Use the Australia Post Digital MailBox as a personal digital vault to upload and easily find important documents.

For businesses, which already use and trust Australia Post, the system offers:

  • A flexible range of integration options to allow businesses to connect securely to their customers through the Australia Post Digital MailBox.
  • A secure digital delivery service to consumers as part of an integrated physical and digital marketing and communication platform.
  • The integrated hybrid product will offer better value for money than any other singular service.

Australians can register for an Australia Post Digital MailBox at