Local Organisations

If you are a local non-profit organisation/club  please contact us to get listed in this directory. We also encourage you  to submit articles on a regular basis which we can include in the Western Informer.  These could relate to upcoming events, achievements or anything else you feel would be of local interest. ( Click here for information on how to submit an article)

Organisation Contact Name Phone NumbersEmail
Athletics - Colleges Little AthleticsJo Verrenkamp07 3294 7771
0403 162605
Basketball Club - Mt. CrosbyKaren Duffield3201 0673admin@mtcrosbnullybasketball.org.au
Bowls Club - Mt Crosby ClubhouseJim Williams (Chairman)3201 0140
Cricket Club - Colleges CrossingDavid Gill 3201 7548
0428 783 489
Cricket Club - Mt CrosbyAlan Donovan3201 0594alheld@bigponullnd.net.au
Cycling Club -IpswichTroy Dobinson3281 0055troyanderson19@yanullhoo.com
Federal Member for RyanJane Prentice3378 1599Jane.Prentice.MP@nullaph.gov.au
Garden Club - Karana DownsMrs Kath Stumer3201 2262leesenterprises@hotnullmail.com
Golf Club - Karana Downs Clubhouse3201 0833info@karanadownnullscountryclub.com
Guides - Karana DownsRoz Bolton
Susan Hayes
3281 5881
Historical SocietyColin Hester3201 0702
Ipswich City Council3810 6666council@ipswichnull.qld.gov.au
Ipswich City Councillor Div 5Heather Morrow3281 8700hmorrow@ipswich.qld.nullgov.au
Karana Downs Community Lifestyle Protection Groupstopthekddevelopment@yahoo.comnull.au
Kayak and Canoe Club - Karana DistrictRobin Belcher3202 7351lindsay48@optunullsnet.com.au
Kindergarten - Karalee Community3294 6699
Kindergarten - Mt Crosby CommunityJessie Barker3201 1534
Lions Club - Moggill/Mt CrosbyNeil McCoy3201 2056mccoym@bignullpond.com
Multiple Birth Assn - IpswichSue Harders3389 6382ipswichmultibirth@hotnullmail.com
Netball Club - KaraleeSophia Muir3201 1116
O.N.A.R.R. (Orphaned Native Animals Rear & Release)3030 2245admin@onarnullr.org.au
Playgroup - Karana Downs (Mt Crosby Hall)Rene Schoenknecht (President)
3294 7896
Pony Club - Karalee Hack & Pony ClubRenai Delaney0403 591 765
Pony Club - Karana DownsRichelle Dredge0434 554 678karanadownspc@yahnulloo.com.au
Probus Club of Bellbowrie & DistrictPresident: Laurie Moorhouse
Secretary: Lyn Allan
3202 8372
3378 7515
Progress Assn - Karana Downs & DistrictAlan Donovan (President)3201 0027
Rotary Club - Karana DownsMary Kearney3201 0354president.karanadowns@rotarynull9600.org
Rugby League - Karalee Tornadoes3281 6663info@karaleenulltornadoes.com.au
Rugby Union - LionsMark Young3201 1295m.young@cannulldk.asn.au
School - Brisbane Independent3378 5466office@bis.orgnull.au
School - Karalee State3294 5333
School - Mt Crosby State3813 2222admin@mtcrosnullbyss.eq.edu.au
Scout Group - KaraleeAnn Franklin3294 8051
Scout Group - Karana DownsAmanda Rogers3281 6482amanda@gemnullsconsult.com.au
SES - MoggillIan Booth0407 177 865
SIRA - (Stop Industrialisation of Residential Areas)Greg Riding3201 0650contact@sira.nullorg.au
Soccer Club - Colleges UnitedAdrian Wellington3201 1669soccer@collegesunullnited.org.au
State Member for MoggillDr Bruce Flegg3378 8020moggill@parliamnullent.qld.gov.au
State Member for West IpswichWayne Wendt3813 0074Ipswich.west@parlianullment.qld.gov.au
Swimming Club - Karalee3294 7347
Tennis - Haines Tennis ClubLes Haines0418 875 913
Tennis - Karalee Tennis ClubHugh Markey3294 6845
Touch Football - Karalee Tornadoes3281 6663
0432 360 998
Triathlon - Ipswich Triathlon ClubCraig Rule3201 1664