Community Information

The community information pages are  provided as a free service to the local community of Karana Downs, Mount Crobsy, Anstead, Karalee and Chuwar. If you would like to see more information here please send us details and if relevant we will include on the web site. For details on how to submit articles please scroll down the page.

Current information pages are:

Submitting Articles

If you are a local  non-profit organisation/club,  interest group, school,   government department or a  member of parliament, you can submit articles for inclusion free of charge  in the Western Informer.

Submission Format

All articles must be submitted by email to:
Articles must be in  Microsoft Word (or compatible) PLAIN (no fancy formatting that will just have to be stripped) format and will be evaluated in light of the other articles we have on hand and our publication topic schedule.

Editorial Policy

All authors/organisations who submit an article agree to the following:
1. Edits will be made at the discretion of the Editor regarding length, grammar, organisation, syntax and clarity. Author/Organisation will not be notified of these changes prior to publication.

2. Article placement in the website and publication time is at the discretion of the Editor.

4. Author/Organisation warrants upon submission that the article is original  and vouches for the article’s veracity and that it contains no libelous statements or infringes upon the rights of others.

5. Author/Organisation is encouraged to submit accompanying images with the understanding that use of images is at the discretion of the Editor.